6 Benefits of Sex For Women

Sex- it is one of life’s greatest pleasures, or strangely enough one of the most effective bargaining tools! However, pleasure and bargaining aside, there are proven health benefits to having sex, especially when it comes to women.

Yes, even though it is considered taboo by women living in many societies across the world, it is something worth discussing.

Are you aware that sex is actually good for you? Well if not, maybe it’s time to have more, and document your findings!

Sex Keeps Skin Healthy And Supple

You’ve undoubtedly heard that following sex your skin has a natural “glow,” right? Well as it turns out, the glow is a real thing, even though it’s not because you were just engaged in glorious euphoria. Rather, it is the result of enhanced blood flow through the body. Similar to the look and sensation we experience during flushing, sex also stimulates the production of collagen- a key structural protein that keeps skin and joints healthy.

Sex Can Lower Blood Pressure

Tired of buying expensive pills for treating high blood pressure? Well, sex can help! Ok really, don’t go off your pills, but sex is a welcome addition to your repertoire of management skills. Sex has been shown to lower systolic blood pressure, which is also the aspect of blood pressure most people have trouble controlling. In theory, systolic blood pressure is a reflection of the force the heart is pumping blood with, with a low-optimal number being ideal.

Sex Is A Natural Pain Killer

In pain? Have sex! Yes, as strange as it sounds, sex is a potent painkiller, in the sense that it can blunt pain impulse and transmission for a short period of time. However, there are believed to be numerous mechanism as play, one of the definite ways this occurs is from release of endorphins, feel good chemicals that are known to numb pain. There were even strange cases where individuals with chronic pain would experience moderate relief following orgasm or from watching pornography.

Sex Helps You Sleep

There’s a reason sex causes you to feel tired and sleepy, and it’s not because the activity was too vigorous. In fact, it’s due to the release of a relaxatory neurotransmitter/hormone known as oxytocin. Oxytocin’s actions counter cortisol, leaving the individual in an extremely relaxed state. Oxytocin is the same hormone, which enables bonding between a mother and her newborn, and is believed to be the “maternal” hormone. Men also produce small amounts of oxytocin, but women produce much more.

Sex Can Boost The Immune System

As if we needed another excuse to have more sex, it is now well established that regular sexual activity can boost the protective actions of the immune system. This is related to increased expression of a key antibody involved in fending off foreign invaders. Therefore, if you find anti-oxidant foods and supplements aren’t enough, maybe it’s time to up your dose of S-E-X.

Sex Boosts Mental Resilience

It is well known that women are at a higher risk for mental health issues, such as depression as compared to men, but what if that could be overcome with sex? As it turns out, one of the easiest ways to prevent development of mental health conditions such as depression is to keep endorphin levels high. Serotonin is one of these endorphins, known to modulate mood and promote a positive outlook on life. Plus, sex also doubles as exercise, which- you guessed it; is also a very effective way to boost endorphin release.


Sex may be the cure for what ails you after all. Just be sure to practice common sense, and enjoy it for all its worth!

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