6 Key Ways To Put Yourself First

It’s almost as though you’re so used to saying yes to absolutely everything and everyone that it’s become second nature. You’ve made it a habit now and changing tact is going to be just about impossible, but it must be done.

Ask yourself how you’re meant to look after everyone else’s needs effectively when you can barely attend to your own? When you continue filling your cup, it overflows onto those around you, but if your cup is empty… well, all you get is a burnout.

It’s time to start putting yourself first and practicing self-care, which is simply honoring your mind, spirit, and your body. It’s time to make yourself a priority.

  1. Listen To Yourself

When your inner voice is churning and telling you something is off then it’s time to listen. You should take notice of what your body, mind, and instincts are telling you and act accordingly.

If you follow those instincts, your well-being will increase because you’ll be acting in a way that is true to yourself. Take time out to get in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Take a 10-minute time out every day and listen to your thoughts and if you experience negative thoughts deal with them by determining the root cause of them.

  1. Take Action

Now that you are used to listening to your mind, spirit, and body it’s time to take action. You don’t need to be perfect to get it right, you just need to put the effort in to start looking after yourself. It can be the smallest step ever, like carving out the time for a daily date with yourself, whether it’s just 25 minutes of uninterrupted peace to watch your favorite show.

  1. Prioritize Yourself

You may have been raised to think that you need to think of everyone else before you can even consider your own needs, unfortunately, this thinking is completely backward. If airlines stress the importance of putting your own oxygen mask on first during emergency procedure talks then you should consider how applicable that is to the rest of your life.

By investing in you it naturally trickles to every area of your life, including to the people you love.

  1. Start Saying No

You might be saying yes simply because you’re afraid of the reaction you’ll receive if you say no. While in some situations you may need to brace for impact, it’s important that you start saying no. If you always say yes, people will expect things from you and the wants, needs, and expectations will only continue to grow.

So, start by saying no to smaller things that you genuinely don’t have the time or energy to handle – especially if it’s something that isn’t aligning with your values. Don’t forget to look for compromises to keep everyone happy.

  1. Fuel Your Soul

We mentioned carving time out of your schedule for some peace and quiet; it’s equally as important that you do the same for the activities that leave you energized and happy.

Think of it like you’re filling up your tank with fuel and think of what may happen if you continue running on an empty tank. So, go golfing, or indulge in pottery, do that puzzle; find time to fuel your passions.

  1. Ditch Pride

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it isn’t a display of weakness, rather it’s the opposite – knowing when to ask for help is a show of strength. There is no such thing as perfection, so you can stop striving for it. That type of thinking saps a lot of your energy, so start focusing your fuel elsewhere. Do what you’re good at, and ask for help with the stuff that you aren’t good at.

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