Playtime: A Key Component Of Taking Care Of Your Spirit

Have you ever heard the old saying of “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”? Never in history has this been truer than the world we live in today. Growing up, we have been conditioned to become academic high achievers, leaving play for “time we had to waste.”

While this may look impressive on your report card, it is becoming more and more accepted that traditional academic education is not all that it’s hypes up to be.

But does this end at the school level? Certainly not! We then take those same compulsive habits in wanting to be the best, and end up working ourselves to an early grave at our jobs.

If only, Jack or Jill had been better rounded kids, this eventuality did not need to be the end. Which brings us to the core of this message- why playtime is essential for taking care of your spirit, and wellbeing as a whole. Let’s dive right in- we hope you get in some good old play before the day is through!

Making Time For Play Stirs The Creative Juices

You may have heard people saying that they are “right” brained, or “left” brained, but do you have any idea what that means? To put it simply, left brained people are regarded as those that require scientific proof for everything, and have traits resembling academic high achievers; left brained individuals on the other hand are more creatively inclined.

Is one “type” superior to the other? Not at all. But being a more creative person has its clear advantages. Creativity is sparked from a playful wit, so that all situations seem to have an angle that they can be solved by, and also liberates your free thinking.

Playtime Boosts Productivity

Have you ever tried to confine a child to a study session lasting multiple hours? Chances are they don’t do very well, the same way most adults do. It could be fatigue stepping in, but sometimes taking a breather just doesn’t cut it.

Taking a break and doing something you actually enjoy- playtime, is in a different league of its own. Playtime boosts your motivation, and increases your net productivity over the course of the day.

Even though playtime essentially is time away from work, it is still an effective tool as working at 100% for 5 hours per day, definitely beats working at 50% for 8.

Playtime Helps You Develop Social Skills

As a child, or as an adult, you form some of you deepest and most meaningful relationships at play. This could be in the schoolyard, where you discover your first best friend, or at the water fountain of the office when you set a golf date with a buddy.

If there is one thing that it definitely improves, it would have to be your social skills .the best to become more social is to just talk and mix with people! Don’t be a prune, get playing.

Play Keeps You Young

If it’s a child, then great- play is exactly what the doctor prescribed to promote normal behavior. If you’re an adult, playtime is one of the secret fountains of youth. People are too bothered with growing up and maturing, that at their core they forget that we are always children at heart.

Many of the exact same things that we found fascinating then still amaze us (come on don’t lie!), but we’ve just been programmed to show our big kid pants. Don’t fall for it- it’s a trap. There is a time for adulting, but there is also a time for play- to let true joy reign over our spirit and renew our vigor in life.

Don’t give up on playtime.

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