The Key To A Woman’s Health Is The Choice Of Self-Care

Somehow, you manage to find time for everyone else’s problems and needs, but when it comes to your own, there’s just no time. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone, especially if you feel like you deserve a pat on the back when you find time to sit down to a healthy meal or fit in a workout.

The thing is…. Self-care is just as important as looking after everyone else and exercise and nutrition are just a part of it.

The true sign of health when you are able to function at your optimum in every aspect of your life. That means doing things to uplift your mental and emotional health, feeding your social life, looking after your spiritual side, improving your cognitive function and taking care of your physical body, too.

The key to your health as a woman is in choosing self-care. How can you look after everyone and everything else if you allow yourself to burn out?

Choose you by doing activities that leave you feeling balanced and effectively manage your stress levels. Self-care is the most effective way to manage your overall health because looking after your personal needs feeds the essence of your health.

More Than Meets The Eye

Your health goes far beyond healthy blood sugar and balanced cholesterol levels. It is far more than a flat stomach, it’s experiencing emotions that will edify you, thinking healthy thoughts, and adopting values that fuel your philosophy for life.

You need friends and family that offer love and are reliable, economic stability is important, and so is the ability to enjoy activities that you find enjoyable and meaningful.

Self-care in its truest form will foster your optimal health. Self-care is looking after your own needs to promote wellness to your mind, body, and spirit.

There are plenty of self-care acts that can improve your health, including:

  • Health promoting activities (like enjoying your hobbies and making time for exercise).
  • Avoiding activities that are harmful to your health (like smoking, excessive drinking, or toxic relationships).
  • Meditating regularly, or practicing yoga.
  • Taking a little bit of time to relax every day, even if it’s just a few moments of silence.

Stress is at the core of many health issues, in fact, up to 90% of visits to primary physicians in America are related to stress (

This should come as no surprise when you consider just how many different types of stress there are, from job stress to emotional stress, financial stress, and stress due to physical health. Even the most positive situations in life can lead to stress. Think about it, getting a new job is exciting but stressful, moving is a new chapter, but stress inducing. Starting a new business or a new relationship are exciting times that can bring about stress.

Any type of stress requires your body to adapt to it and there are plenty of acts of self-care that can help you handle these stressors healthily.

Acts Of Self-Care

Effective methods of calming your nervous system including deep breathing, music therapy, meditation, and yoga. This reduces cortisol levels and releases hormones that promote happiness and relaxation.

You can reduce your stress by putting strategies in place for positive coping, which includes self-care. For instance, if you can reframe your opinion about a situation that has been viewed as a potential threat and instead find the silver lining and look at it as an opportunity.

Another healthy method for coping is writing in a journal, which can help, you process feelings of confusion into clarity.

When you rely on self-care to create balance in your personal life you will decrease your stress levels. It’s a simple choice of choosing activities that will nourish your overall health and wellness and provide you with confidence, competence, and balance. Know that no matter how busy you are, you can make self-care a reality.

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